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Heated in Haleiwa. A meeting to discuss a proposed hotel next to Jameson's restaurant had to be called off. One resident refused to step away from the microphone. That's when neighborhood chair Mike Lyons shut down the discussion. Listen to what both sides had to say about the development.

Do you text and drive? A new study reveals what the ban on texting has done for our roads. The results are not good. Details on how some are skirting the ban and making it less safe on our streets.

Can't get enough Law & Order? Then you'll need to tune into Sunrise. We sit down with the two actors who play detective in the new Law & Order: Los Angeles that debuts tonight. Find out what Skeet Ulrich had to say about his character.

Want some chopsticks with that wine? You'll need them if you're headed to this taste of restaurants. We'll have a preview.

Hit that snooze button one more time. I know I did. I am so jealous of Sunny. She's sleeping soundly on my desk. Apparently, she doesn't need to have her eyes completely closed in order to snore.

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