STANDUP Act protecting teens on the road

WASHINGTON, D.C. (HawaiiNewsNow) - Parents, safety advocates and lawmakers head to Capitol Hill Tuesday to support the passage of the "STANDUP Act" to make teen drivers safe on the roads.

The proposal would push states to adopt new driver licensing laws. Drivers would have to be 16 to get a permit, and 18 for a license.

Teens would have to be supervised while driving at night. Cell phone use would be prohibited while behind the wheel, and teen drivers would be allowed only one friend in the car under the age of 21.

Motor vehicle crashes are the number one killer of American teens, according to federal officials. Advocates say if the proposal becomes law, roughly 4,000 teen lives could be saved each year.

States that adopt the new guidelines would be rewarded with eligibility for grants. Those that don't could face cuts in federal highway spending.

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