Hawaii unemployment falls on most islands

By Howard Dicus - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Not one island saw an increase in its unemployment rate in September, and most saw a decrease, though two islands still have higher joblessness than the national average.

Island breakdowns released Wednesday by the Hawaii Department of Labor & Industrial Relations come without seasonal adjustment, and unemployment nearly always falls in August, so the figures should not be read as an economic indicator, but they do represent an actual decline in local residents on the jobless rolls.

The national unemployment rate for August was 9.6% with seasonal adjustment, up one tenth from July, and 9.5% without, or down two tenths from July. The Hawaii state jobless rate held steady at 6.4% with seasonal adjustment; without, it fell two tenths from 9.7% in July to 9.5% in August.

The island by island figures, unadjusted, with July in parenthesis:

+ Molokai 13.9% (14.8)

+ Hawaii Co. 9.8% (10.1)

+ Kauai 8.7% (8.7)

+ Maui Island 7.9% (8.0)

+ Lanai 6.2% (7.0)

+ Oahu 5.6% (5.8)

Big Island employment, while falling below 10%, remains higher than the mainland jobless rate, while Molokai, despite falling almost a full percentage point in one month, remains higher than the jobless rate of California, though lower than California's worst-hit cities.

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