Good Things: September 22, 2010

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Let's take a look at some of the Good Things in the news...

More than 200 students from Greenville Elementary School in Wisconsin celebrated Peace Day by forming a giant peace symbol. The kids got the idea after exchanging "Peace Cards" with a school in Japan. It took a bit of planning but teachers were able to corral students into the proper form and take a picture to be sent to other schools across the world.

Meet Puggy, a 10 year old Pekingese that has a tongue almost 5 inches long. That doesn't seem like much, but it is the world record for a canine. Puggy had originally been abandoned, but now has a new home and growing world-wide fame.

And members of the Cleveland Browns football team took some time off from the busy NFL season for a good cause. The professional athletes went to a local Japanese restaurant to compete against local kids in a sushi rice rolling race. The event raised money for a Cleveland non-profit. Linebacker Scott Fujita said the kids definitely had the advantage. In the end, the sushi rice was all over the restaurant, but we're sure they all enjoyed cleaning up the tasty mess.

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