Abercrombie: Aiona's been 'aloof' from debates

James "Duke" Aiona
James "Duke" Aiona

HONOLULU (AP) - Democratic gubernatorial nominee Neil Abercrombie is calling his Republican foe aloof for not participating in candidate debates during the just-ended primary election campaign. Abercrombie on Monday told the Hawaii Tribune-Herald that GOP Lt. Governor James "Duke" Aiona failed to participate in forums that were held on the Big Island between he and Democrat Mufi Hannemann.

Abercrombie, a former congressman, told West Hawaii Today that it's not his responsibility to make up for the time Aiona missed. Aiona on Sunday challenged Abercrombie to one debate per week for six weeks, beginning Friday.

Abercrombie's spokeswoman has responded only by saying the Democrat looks forward to debates with Aiona.

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