Soul Saviour Film Festival

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow)- It is a festival that showcases original short films, music videos, experimental videos, and short video segments that are based on an on-going, supernatural drama series called SOUL SAVIOUR.

SOUL SAVIOUR was the creation from local filmmaker JEFF KATTS.  For 6 years, he created a project that has been showcased in the local entertainment circuit.  SOUL SAVIOUR is the story of regular human beings that are chosen by God to save human souls.  Though the subject matter deals with different aspects of religion, the SOUL SAVIOUR project is a work of fiction and serves more like an on-going, local soap opera or drama series.

This year, there are at least 10 different short films and music videos will be showcased at the festival.  All entries are from Hawaii and some from different parts of the world.

Once again, THE SOUL SAVIOUR FILM FESTIVAL takes place on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd at the WARD CONSOILDATED THEATERS AUDITORIUM #14. Show times are to be announced.

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