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Don't ask, don't tell. The senate will vote on whether to drop this 8 year old policy for homosexuals in the military. It's expected to be too close to call. We will bring you the results.

Hauula sex assault. Police have released a sketch of a man suspected of attacking a woman. He's just under 6 feet tall and believed to be in his 20's or 30's. Watch for the sketch on Sunrise.

The president's physician. Doctor Connie Mariano was the White House physician for 9 years treating President Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. In her new book, she reveals how she was directly involved with them. She even had to draw blood from President Clinton in order to conduct a DNA test. Those results tied the president to the infamous dress of then intern Monica Lewinsky.

Cooking diva. Giada de Laurentis actually studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. You can see her multiple shows on the Food Network, but this morning you can catch her on Sunrise.

Outsourced. You know you've experienced it when you call a service company and you talk to someone half a world away. It's often frustrating to you, but it's humorous to the writers at NBC. We will talk live to the actors of the new sitcom "outsourced".

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