Rebooted: Hawaii Five-0 classic returns to TV

HONOLULU (WOIO) - It's one of this fall's most anticipated new shows. "Hawaii Five-0" premieres on CBS Monday night.

Even if you never watched an episode, you'll know that iconic theme song.

"How old were you when the show went off the air?" asked reporter, Chris Van Vliet.

"Well it was 1980 it went off the air. I was 4 years old," said Alex O'Loughlin who plays Steve McGarrett.

You could call this Hawaii Five-0 2.0. The show has been completely rebooted for 2010 including a makeover for the theme song.

"We've modernized it, we've added a little heavier action, some comedy and some depth to the characters," said Daniel Dae Kim, who plays Chin Ho Kelly

For those characters, Alex O'Laughlin is the big kahuna, in the lead role of detective Steve McGarrett.  His partner Danno is played by Scott Caan.  Daniel Dae Kim is Chin Ho and "Kono", who was a male character in the original, will be played this time around by Grace Park.

So, yes the show is called Hawaii Five-0 and yes the characters have the same names as the original but the cast tells me that's where the similarities end.

"I think its going to be very different because everything's different about TV than it was 40 years ago," said McLaughlin.

One of the big differences is the hair.

"Jack Lord had epic hair. I myself have, I mean it's fine," said McLaughlin.

"I think its supposed to be really fun, but at the same time it's a drama so there's going to be some serious stuff. I think it's just a bit of everything," said Scott Caan, who plays Danny 'Danno' Williams.

"I would say this version is current, it's up to's beautiful visually," said Grace Park who plays Kono.

Well, you know the new show has its fair share of action sequences with some comedy thrown in for good measure, but the best thing about the new Hawaii Five-0 is this, like the original, its shot entirely in Hawaii.

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