Warriors head home with high hopes

Coach Mack
Coach Mack

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

MANOA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Week three of the Warriors' football season resulted in Hawaii's 2nd loss of the season as they fell to Colorado 31-13 on Saturday.

But it did put an end to UH's 2-week stay on the Mainland as the Warriors returned to Honolulu early Sunday morning.

There were both negatives and positives from the loss. The 'Buffs continued to expose Hawaii's inability to stop the run, as UH gave up 252 yards on the ground. But like any stormy situation, there was a silver lining on defense.

First on the offensive side of things, Warrior receiver Kealoha Pilares continued to elevate his draft stock with six catches for 117 yards and a touchdown.

It was the third straight game this season that the Damien grad eclipsed the century mark and made a trip to the endzone.

On defense, outside linebacker Corey Paredes was a tackling machine.

The Castle grad came through with a career high 16 take downs.

Coach Mack credits Corey's increased production with the added responsibility he's taken on this season.

"He's one of our best, he and Vaughn Meatoga are our best defensive football players and I'm really proud, he's taking over, I'm having him call things even though he's playing outside linebacker, but he's making the calls and we're sort of taking it off George (Daily-Lyles), because he has more experience and he did an outstanding job," McMackin said.

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