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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Voter turnout here in Hawaiʻi has fallen nearly 50 percent since 1959. With the primary tomorrow, many are hopeful that these numbers will change this year. Candidates spoke with Amy Kalili on the issue.

The numbers are very disappointing when you look at it and you wonder why was it so high just a few decades ago?

Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona

(R) Candidate, Governor

Minamina kçia ke nânâ i ka nui ma mua.

I think people are sort of complacent, they think their vote isn't going to count.

Miles Shiratori

(D) Candidate, Governor

Manaʻo ka poʻe, ʻaʻole ia he mea nui.

I think this year more than any other year in a very long time people are more dissatisfied with government and people want change.

Tom Pollard

(N) Candidate, Governor

Makemake naʻe ka poʻe e ʻike i ka loli.

I believe we are probably going to have a record vote for an off-Presidential election year precisely because people want real change.

Neil Abercrombie

(D) Candidate, Governor

He mea paha e piʻi loa ai kçia mau helu.

All we have is the vote and we all need to participate to make sure that our representatives understand that we're watching.

Tony Clapes

(N) Candidate, Governor

Pono e komo i ke koho i kçia mau moho.

Why it's more important for the Hawaiian community? Hey, this is your ʻâina, this is your land, it should be more important what goes on here, what happens for you in your future.

Van Tanabe

(D) Candidate, Governor

Mea nui no nâ Hawaiʻi ʻoiai ʻo Hawaiʻi kçia a he mana ko ke koho ʻana.

Inâ ʻaʻole ʻoe koho, mai namunamu, hâmau kou leo.

Kama Hopkins

Moho Kahuwaiwai, Keʻena Kuleana Hawaiʻi

If you don't vote, don't grumble.

We all have a kuleana to participate in the process and we have a kuleana to select leaders that we believe in.

Peter Apo

Candidate, OHA Trustee – Oʻahu

He kuleana ko kâkou e koho i nâ alakaʻi.

This is your fundamental way to exercise that one vote to say, "No I don't think that you're the person that (should be) there, but this person I believe is."

Kealiʻi Makekau

Candidate, OHA Trustee-At-Large

Penei e lohe ʻia ai kou manaʻo no nâ kânaka alakaʻi kûpono.

If we're going to do anything, it starts with you having a voice and that starts with voting.

John Kuhio Lewis

Candidate, OHA Trustee-At-Large

Hoʻomaka ka hana ma kçia koho ʻana.

Native Hawaiian communities across the state can look at that and say, you know if we all pull together and we all voted for an advocate or someone we believe understands our issues.

You will be an effective block.

Sen. Colleen Hanabusa

(D) Candidate, District 1, U.S. Congress

Inâ e alulike ka Hawaiʻi ma ke kâkoʻo i nâ moho kûpono, he mana nui ko laila.

There are nations that they're threatened if they go and vote. They can even get killed if they go and vote. What a privilege?!?

Leona Kalima

Candidate, OHA Trustee-At-Large

Ke nânâ iâ waho, he pômaikaʻi maoli ka hiki ke koho pâloka!

I think it's important that if you want a government that responds to the general interests and not to the special interests, everybody should vote.

Rep. Charles Djou

(R) District 1, U.S. Congress

Kûkulu ʻia ke aupuni no ka pono o ka nui ma ke koho pâloka o ka nui.

You know the more of us vote, the more of us who get involved in the political process. I think the better community we have.

Mayor Billy Kenoi

Hawaiʻi County

He mea hoʻoikaika kaiâulu!

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