Local connection: religion and politics

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Suddenly our political campaigns are infused with religious overtones.  We have various groups announcing, like they're reading it from tablets, which candidate is theologically suitable.  One guy accuses Neil of having no religious affiliation - a funny way to describe an Episcopalian.   That guy finds Mufi more religious. Another guy says only Duke is righteous.

Some people say this is un-American. I argue merely that it's unreliable.

How do we know, by mere church affiliation, that one candidate is more pious?   That book-burning fanatic in Florida, who invited the president to talk him out of it, is a devout Pentecostal. Hubris knows no doctrinal boundary, and in politics you take honesty and character where you find it, sometimes even in one who does not necessarily share all your beliefs.