Local connection: keeping cool in labor talks

Here's an unfortunate coincidence.  Our tourism rebound is just getting started and so are hotel contract talks. A visitor rebound is fragile in its early days.  Contract talks, in their early days, tend to feature a lot of saber-rattling.  Both sides are peevish about how extreme the first proposal is from the other side. 

In recent days we've seen a one-day strike against the Waikiki Hyatt, and acerbic reaction from local management. Let's be clear, though. At this stage, local labor and local management are both acting mainly as proxies for their bosses on the mainland. Waikiki hotel contracts are rarely settled until there are agreements in more combative markets like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago.

 Let's all keep as cool as possible until the real bargaining can begin, so the normal posturing of labor negotiations doesn't stand in the way of recovery from our abnormal economic slump.