Olsten Staffing Services Employee of the Year - Zachery Javier

Olsten is proud to honor Zachery Javier as our 2010 Employee of the Year. When Zach applied with us in April of 2008 he was a recent college graduate seeking office experience. He had a very positive attitude and we recognized his potential immediately. Within a week we placed him with one of our valued clients and after 2 1/2 years he is still working for this client.

Zach's performance evaluation recognizes him as a talented employee with outstanding work ethics. He is dependable, smart, quick and always willing to help. Zach consistently uses good judgement. The department managers all come to him for help with projects and they are confident he will complete the project accurately and efficiently.

We want to thank Zach for his dedication and commitment to Olsten and to our valued client.

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