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Candidates OK with criticism and tough questions

Kirk Caldwell Kirk Caldwell
Peter Carlisle Peter Carlisle
Panos Prevedouros Panos Prevedouros
Rod Tam Rod Tam
Dan Boylan Dan Boylan

By Brooks Baehr - bio | email 

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - During Tuesday night's mayoral debate Kirk Caldwell attacked Peter Carlisle's request for a pay raise in 2008, Carlisle questioned a proposal by Rod Tam that would have provided time for state workers to take naps at work, and Carlisle criticized Panos Prevedouros for wanting to end Oahu's planned rail project even though a majority of voters have expressed support for the project.

The debate was contentious at times, but the candidates say that is to be expected.

"I mean I think there was some disagreement and a little bit of sharpness there, but that's a product of any debate. That's American government in action," Caldwell said.

"I think those were hard blows but fair blows. I think that's exactly what you expect. You expect people to be courteous but they can still make their argument from what evidence that they have," Carlisle told Hawaii News Now after the debate.

"Civil and real. It was real. I mean stinky things about the candidates were aired, so at times it was stinky," Prevedouros said.

"I think people respected each other. It was not a yelling match. It was difference of opinion, but we all have difference of opinion," Tam added.

Not everyone had time to watch the hour and half televised debate, so Hawaii News Now asked each candidate to say one thing about themselves that would attract voters who are still undecided. Here is what they said.

"I think it's the broad management that I have. I'm someone who doesn't run from problems. I run to problems. That's why I'm doing this. I mean I stepped into public service kind of later in life and I did it because I really wanted to make out community better," Caldwell said.

"The most important thing we do is to start working to maintain what we've got and not building new pyramids to somebody's political ambition. If we can sit there and take care of what we have, get the parks up to snuff, get the roads up to snuff, get the sewers up to snuff, then we're going to be in a position to start moving forward with other projects," Carlisle said.

"One thing. What is it? That Panos can do it and Panos is capable of doing it and is capable of taking the right decisions in the next two years to put us in the right path to repair Oahu," Prevedouros said.

"I'm a grass roots people person and I will be out in the community as mayor, not one behind the desk so that I can learn what is happening in every single community," Tam said.

"Did anybody win it? I didn't think any of them were particularly at the top of their game. They sounded very much as I've heard them before. Their messages tend to be the same over and over and over again," added Hawaii News Now political analyst Dan Boylan.


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