Good Things: September 14, 2010

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Let's talk about some of the Good Things in the news...

If you want to get buried in style, Singapore is the place to be. A new, luxurious columbarium is offering high tech, glitzy facilities for the dead. A columbarium is a place for public displays of urns containing ashes. This new one is modeled after a 6-star hotel. They've also added a modern twist to traditional funeral services with some high tech features. The ceremony is accompanied by a $1.5 million light and sound system. Prices start at $2,200 for a single niche.

Researchers in Spain are working on combining fruit to form new types of healthy snacks. They've already come up with pears with the texture of a melon. They taste like mangoes. There's also apples that are red inside instead of white. By the way, this is how the nectarine came to be. Scientists cross-pollinate different fruit to change the texture and taste along with the look.

And the Terminator was in Japan, not to promote a movie.. but ride a high-speed train. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger made a short trip in a Shinkansen Bullet Train as part of Japan's campaign to promote its high-speed train technology. Schwarzenegger, whose state is considering building a high-speed train network, said the Shinkansen was quiet and futuristic and that he was impressed by how it could travel at almost 200 miles per hour.

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