Howzit Howard: crude oil prices

Howard Dicus
Howard Dicus

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The new monthly energy report from the state finds that crude oil prices haven't changed much in the past two months... but they're still 40 percent more than last summer. Despite this, Hawaii oil consumption is up five percent from last year on higher electricity use and more planes filling up on jet fuel.

Shipping stuff to Hawaii is cheaper this morning. The Matson fuel surcharge cut kicked in Sunday, with both Horizon Lines and Pasha Hawaii transport matching it. Surcharges are still more than a fifth of the basic container charge.

The head of North Hawaii Community Hospital has resigned after just one year on the job. It's not island fever... John White says if he can find another job he wants to stay in Hawaii. And a hospital official expressed surprise, so he wasn't pushed.

Mortgages rates still low, most local lenders are quoting 4.2 or less APR.. depending on the points. A point is one percent of the amount being borrowed, paid up front.

The french head of the International Monetary Fund says U.S. economic stimulus is helping. Dominique Strauss-Kahn told CNBC stimulus programs controlled the global financial crisis, and he does not see a double-dip recession ahead.

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