Kaimuki traffic gridlock is getting a breather

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The city is using federal stimulus money to help unclog Honolulu's traffic gridlock.

The first up is Kaimuki. The city will use 2.5 million dollars to widen Harding Avenue and add left turn lanes at 5th Avenue and 11th Avenue.

This will help drivers get on the free way faster according to City Transportation officials.

Before residents can enjoy these benefits, they'll have to put up with some construction delays.

Wayne Yoshioka, who is the director of the Department of Transportation Services, said Friday, "We won't be constructing during the peak hours, so we wont be disrupting the commuter traffic, during off peaks. Yeah, there may be little delays but they will do their best to keep everything moving well."

The traffic lights at those intersections will be resynched as well.

The job should take eleven months. The city is also planning road improvement projects in Kapolei and Waipio.

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