There are plenty of reasons why you should get your spine check. We could list them for you, and we encourage you to read through our information and community topics, but we think our patients say it best. Below are some of the things they have to say about chiropractic adjustments, the wellness lifestyle and Lifetime Family Wellness Centers.

"During my pregnancy I was receiving regular adjustments to maintain a healthy spine and keep myself as well as my growing baby healthy too. During labor I experienced no back pain and my contractions weren't as painful as most women have described to me. My son, Byron, received his first adjustment when he was just 7 days old! Because his spine is as healthy as it can be through regular spinal adjustments he rarely gets sick and if he happens to get a cold his recovery time is much faster; and I can say the same for myself. Everyone should be under chiropractic care, it works and it helps you stay healthy, not only for yourself, but for your precious family too."

-Jesika H

"The world's view is skewed because it does not focus on pro-active ways to maintain good health. Instead it focuses on prescription drugs and surgery. But the team's dedication at Lifetime Family Wellness Centers is fantastic. They 'walk the walk'."

-Robert Y

"The world's view is more about band-aid quick fixes and chemical substitutions for wellness. Here it's about naturally achieving health and wellness, watching fast, successful progression. It took a little while to get my subluxation straight, but it really worked. My back and posture is near perfect. The best part: I am pain free and feel so much better now. I'm a long time patient and true believer of chiropractic. I always tell people in pain 'Just give this a try' because it worked for me and I'm so happy it did."

-Jocelin H

"The wellness program is about fixing the problem in a natural way, the way it should be. Everyone needs to feel the changes I have. It will make you thankful, inspired and ready for more."

-Kima Y