Our Techniques

Our doctors provide a special type of care called Corrective Chiropractic Care. There are two types of chiropractors, symptomatic and corrective. Corrective Care focuses on removing the underlying cause of illness and disease instead of masking the symptoms. Corrective Chiropractic Care removes misalignments, or Subluxations, in the spinal column. Once your body is able to achieve optimal nerve function, the need for outside interference, such as drugs and surgery, is almost always obsolete, baring necessary crisis intervention. 

Our primary adjusting technique is mirror image postural adjusting which is intended to modify the spinal curvature and restore the natural, healthy curves in the spine. However, the doctors do not use any one technique to make the necessary corrections to your spine. Instead, we utilize a custom combination of techniques tailored to an individual's specific needs based on exam and the x-rays findings during the initial check up. These techniques, in specific combinations, are designed to achieve optimal spinal alignment. 

Regular adjustments in combination with our specific spinal hygiene exercises, Wellness Workshops, Wellness Workouts, and individual consultations and posture checks support the development of a healthy spine. 

An Optimal Spine = Optimal Health