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Makiki mystery. Police are investigating the area after a body was found near a stream. Watch for more details on this developing story.

Speaking out. In only his second press conference of the year, the president is expected to address his economic plan with reporters. Find out what he has to say live on Sunrise.

Hot spot search. Firefighters are making sure a devastating fire south of San Francisco is put out after 50 homes were destroyed and dozens of others were damaged. An explosion of gas launched a ball of fire 1000 feet into the air killing one and injuring at least 20 people.

Car found. A civil patrol plane spotted the rental car of missing California woman Nola Thompson in Wailua Valley on Kauai. Investigators combed the surrounding area but said there was no sign of her.

Political Points. Mayoral candidate Rod Tam and Representative Mazie Hirono are both dropping by the Sunrise set to talk issues. Is councilman Tam any closer to closing the investigation into his alleged misuse of city funds? How will the congresswoman separate herself on Capitol Hill? We'll seek answers to these questions this morning.

Trekkies unite! George Takei has arrived in Hawaii. What issue has brought him to the islands.

Melveen Leed will perform. Need I say more about this multi-award winning entertainer?

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