On the road with the Warriors as they prep for Army

By Mike Cherry - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Thursday was day two of the Warrior's trip to the East Coast. It took them to Parkridge High School in Newark, New Jersey.

Thursday they took to the field for the first time since Tuesday, when they left Oahu and in the middle of the action was Bryant Moniz, who participated in a full day's worth of eleven-on-eleven drills with the first team.

Moniz, who suffered a head injury against University of Southern California, says the missed time will not affect his timing with the offense on Saturday when they play Army.

Moniz told Mike Cherry, "It's like I haven't missed a beat. Just a few practices. We've been working all summer together so we're really on the same page and it feels good to get back in the groove of everything and be back on the field with everyone."

Timing will be key for the Warriors' success against Army, especially for the defensive line.

Thursday, Hawaii's defensive line and linebackers worked on gap control. It's a discipline they'll have to keep against Army's triple option offense. UH knows that one missed communication could lead to a long play for the Black Knights.

Warriors' defensive tackle, Vaughn Meatoga, said, "We really got to worry about it because they can hit you from all sides. They got the dive. They got the pitch. They got the quarterback so we got to be solid on our assignments. People gonna dive, we gotta dive. They're a really exciting team, so these guys can break a play whenever."

One of the highlights of Thursday's practice came for the fans in the stands. The Warriors gave about thirty-five members of the Park ride High football team a glimpse at their pre-game "haka."

"That thing they did before practice, the haka, I've never seen that. That's pretty impressive. I just wanted to join up on them and yell. I was pumped," expressed Dan Oggla, one of Parkridge High School's guards.

Another high school player, linebacker Stephen Nagel, said, "My dad went to Hawaii like twenty years ago, thirty years ago, and he went to a bunch of the Hawaii games, and he said that the chant that they did beforehand, that was like his favorite part...I just saw it, so that was fantastic."

Coach McMackin stated, " The players did it on their own, and they like to practice it. They like to be good at it. The team was here to watch them. They really appreciated it. The hospitality was great here."

Friday morning, the Warriors will have a closed practice as they go through their first walk-through at Mikey Stadium in West Point.

The Warriors and the Black Knights kick things off Saturday, September 11th, at 6 a.m. Hawaii Time.

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