Living Lei Chic: Beautiful Blow-outs

Alan Vuong
Alan Vuong

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hair envy. Miss those salon beautiful blow-outs or can't quite master the updo? In Living Lei Chic, we'll get tips from professionals for looks you can do at home by yourself.

1)    Apply a heat-protectant product to your hair.

2)    Blow-dry your hair until it's 90 percent dry.

3)    Part your hair where it would part naturally.

4)    Section your hair off  into three sections per side. On each side, dry the bottom layer first and work your way up, section by section - unless you have bangs, in which case you'll blow dry those first.

5)    Hold the brush in your right hand if you're right handed, your left hand if you're left handed.

6)    Pick up a small section of hair with the brush. Hold the blow dryer perpendicular to the brush and blow downward on the hair. Move from the top of the section down to the bottom, curling the bottom of your hair around the brush.

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