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Good Things: September 7, 2010

World record sushi roll World record sushi roll
French Fry record in Belgium French Fry record in Belgium
Free hugs in Salt Lake City Free hugs in Salt Lake City

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Yesterday we brought you the story of the longest taco in Mexico. Today, the latest entry to the Guinness Book of World Records has been confirmed for the worlds longest sushi roll! Chefs, volunteers and hundreds of University of Massachusetts students created the 400 foot long California roll. They used 650 sheets of nori, 200 pounds of rice, 100 pounds of avocado, five gallons of shoyu, plus six pounds of wasabi.

Did you know that many Belgians consider "french fries" the country's national dish? So a Belgian chef has set a new world record for non-stop "chip" or french fry making for 83 consecutive hours. The record set by the 53-year-old chef beats the previous record of 72 hours set in back 1987. From the time he turned on the heat Friday morning until he ran out of steam Monday night, he cooked up more than 3,000 pounds of fries.

And in Salt Lake City, people had their day brightened by dozens of kids showing some love in by offering free hugs to anyone who wanted them. The teens say they got the idea from a movie and decided to give it a try. As you can see the results have been promising and the students say they may continue the social experiment through the fall.

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