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Firefighters are keeping their eyes peeled for any hot spots in Kailua. A brushfire got dangerously close to homes and Kailua High School. Investigators are still trying to find out what sparked the flames.

Back and forth. A new radio ad by the Christian group "island values" is causing some controversy in the gubernatorial campaign. It claims that democratic candidate Neil Abercrombie is "unacceptable" and has "no religious affiliation". Abercrombie has denounced it and said he is an Episcopalian. Watch to see what democratic candidate Mufi Hannemann had to say about the spot.

Heating up politics. Mayoral candidate Peter Carlisle sits down with us this morning to talk about party affiliation, property taxes and infrastructure problems. Representative Charles Djou is also coming in after opening his campaign headquarters on Ward Avenue.

Fixing up fossils. How are they formed? Doctor V will show us how to make them in our Weird Science segment.

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