Illegal dump site grows near park and ride

Shari Floyd Berinobis
Shari Floyd Berinobis
Steve Geimer
Steve Geimer

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email

HAWAII KAI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Near the dog park in Hawaii Kai behind the city's Park & Ride on Keahole street sits the source of Shari Floyd Berinobis's frustration

"We have a suitcase, a lot of children's things such as high chairs," she said.

Berinobis spotted the illegal dump site hidden behind the embankment two weeks ago.

Others who have seen it are equally appalled.

"The litter and the trash that are here just happened over the last couple of weeks," Hawaii Kai resident Steve Geimer said.

There's furniture and bicycle frames, boxes and bottles, and lots of other junk.

The litter lines the shoreline along the water that flows to Maunalua Bay. There's other waste and a health worry.

"When the rains come and opala and the feces - not only the chicken feces but the human feces - go into the waterways," Berinobis said.

She thinks someone is taking stuff from the Goodwill drop off in the Park & Ride and trashing what they don't want.

"I haven't gone down there to pick all this up yet," Geimer said. "We've done it in the past. I've come down here on Saturdays and Sundays and cleaned these parking lots up."

Feral cats and wild chickens hide in the tall grass. Hawaii Kai residents used to complain about them. Now they have a new concern.

Berinobis said the City Department of Transportation Services knows about the mess.

"I want the city to clean this up immediately," she said.

She hopes whoever is dumping illegally will be caught and fined before the dump site gets any bigger.

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