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Checkers and Pogo TV show legend Morgan White dies at 86

Morgan White Morgan White
Morgan White as Pogo Poge Morgan White as Pogo Poge
A scene from "Checkers & Pogo" A scene from "Checkers & Pogo"
Morgan White Morgan White

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Morgan White passed away Thursday, in Utah, where he retired. He was 86-years-old. He played Pogo Poge, on "Checkers and Pogo" from 1967 to 1982. It's considered the longest-running and most successful show in Hawaii.

In 1999, KGMB aired a documentary about the show. In it, White talks about how he was cast by broadcasting legend, Cec Heftel, who bought KGMB in 1964.

"So I was on the air, at radio at KBMB and Cec panicked, ran in and says, Poge, go into the wardrobe, grab something, and get on the set because we have to get a kids show going. So I went in, I grabbed a funny little hat, like that, and a funny little vest like this and a striped shirt, striped pants - I had whiskers by the way," said Morgan White of Checkers and Pogo.

That last-minute wardrobe, stuck throughout his Checkers and Pogo career. But White was already known as Pogo Poge, before the kid show. At the time, he was the number one, rated mid-day DJ at KGMB, and got the nickname, after breaking the world record in pogo stick hiking.

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