Good Things: September 1, 2010

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Let's take a look at some of the good things in news...

The world oldest bottle champagne was cracked open Tuesday. Deep sea divers salvaged several bottles of the bubbly --from a ship wreck from the 1780's. The bottles were found in the Baltic Sea and experts did give it a taste test, but sadly they didn't seem too impressed.

What's believed to be the biggest emerald ever has been uncovered in North America. It's being called the "Carolina Emperor." The nearly 65-carat stone was pulled from a pit near a North Carolina farm. It's slightly larger than a quarter and about as heavy as a "double-a battery." The stone's so large it's being compared with the crown jewels of Russian Empress 'Catherine the Great.'

We have an "out of this world" announcement. Scientists have found 2 new planets. They're Orbiting a sun-like star called "Kepler Nine." More than 18-hundred light years away. The planets themselves are named Kepler B and Kepler C. All named after the Kepler spacecraft that captured the images. NASA says the planets are 3 or 4 times larger than earth. They're made of gas, and are circling very close to their sun at extremely hot temperatures.

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