Local connection: stay off the political low road

At first we took a benign view of candidates attacking each other, so long as they didn't forget to discuss their own plans if elected. In light of recent attacks, maybe we should have pushed harder for everybody to knock it off.

Senator Inouye has done it already, more eloquently than I could. Was he moved to that by that pamphlet focusing on Neil Abercrombie's wife? Was it Ed Case's demonization of Mufi Hannemann? We may never know, because Inouye didn't just ask for an end to personal attacks, he showed by example. He didn't single out anybody.

Suggestion to candidates: if invited to slug back, don't take the bait. Fight over issues. My sense is some voters are ready to stop supporting candidates who take the low road, either personally or by proxy. Attacking your opponent is a natural human impulse. But that doesn't mean it's good.