Suspected Discovery Channel hostage taker was from Maui

James Lee
James Lee

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – A man who has been identified as the hostage taker shot dead by police at the Discovery Channel headquarters Wednesday was from Maui. Sources tell Hawaii News Now that James Lee was a 1985 graduate of Lahainaluna School in West Maui. Lee also listed Hawaii as his hometown on his MySpace page.

Police in Silver Spring, MD, a suburb of Washington DC, say they opened fire when a suspect holding hostages aimed his gun at one of them Wednesday at the Discovery Communications building.

Lee had held at least three hostages in the lobby of the Discovery Channel's building and was killed during the shooting. Lee reportedly has a long history of protesting the channel including being arrested in 2008 for staging a disruption outside the building by throwing money into the air.

At that time it was reported that Lee said he had sold several inherited properties in Maui, Hawaii, where he lived prior to moving to San Diego, to pay for the protest, including about $30,000 for full-page advertisements in newspapers.

Lee also had kept a webpage demanding the Discovery Channel save the planet and encourage infertility to stop over population, among other things.

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