Ask Howard: September 1, 2010

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's time to put Howard in the hot seat to answer your questions.

  1. Hey Howard how long will it take for Hawaii's economy to return ?
  2. What is the correct spelling for the word, Cancelled or Canceled? I noticed it spelled both ways. One L or two L's?
  3. Hey Howard how many wins do you think the UH football will get this season?
  4. Who led the Million Man March on Washington? And were there really a million men? Where did they all stay? -Vee Suyiyat
  5. Howard I heard there is a way or websites that we can check and see how good charities or non-profits use the money they receive from the public. How can we make sure the money is well spent?
  6. Howard, that new Leaf car looks nice, but will they ever have a plug-in SUV? And what would they call it? -Terri Spruence
  7. Hey Howard I was wondering do you know what the name of Minnesota's professional hockey team is?
  8. Howard, is it true that there was a war in Central America once because of a game of soccer?" -Mark Choi

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