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Coming up on Sunrise this morning

Happy Hump Day Sunrisers,

Ready to be inspired? Watch 16 year old Daren Choi walk out of the hospital after fracturing 3 vertebrae. The competitive swimmer fell while sightseeing in the Republic of Samoa (Western Samoa). After 7 weeks of physical therapy, he is back on his own two feet. Listen to what the teenager had to say about his recovery.

Swinging their way into our hearts, the Waipio Little Leaguers are back home after spending 27 days in Pennsylvania for the World Series. Break out the baby blue because we are going to ask for their autographs, shamelessly, when they come into the Sunrise studio.

Sailors we are not. Steve and I board a transpacific yacht only to discover that we are useless at sea. Who drives the boat? Can we learn to tie a real knot? Check out our competition as we learn the ways of watermen.

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See you on television,

- Grace Lee

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