North Shore brushfire 80% contained, looks suspicious

Destry Lunasco
Destry Lunasco
Jeff Dahn
Jeff Dahn
Julianna Dahn
Julianna Dahn

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

WAIALUA (HawaiiNewsNow) - A wildfire on Oahu's North Shore appears to have been started on purpose.

We're told the blaze near Thompson Corner in Waialua is about 80 percent contained.

Police are looking for a suspicious van that was in the area where the fire started. They've also collected two empty containers that may have had ignitable substances in them.

The flames were high and mighty. The smoke, captured here by Sky News Now, sometimes too much to handle.

"All sports in school has been canceled, so far we didn't hear anything about being evacuated," Waialua High junior Destry Lunasco said.

Lunasco was in class when all of a sudden he noticed clouds of smoke outside. The fire came within 30 yards of some homes, but thankfully caused no damage or injuries.

"We noticed the power went out and we went out to our backyard and noticed there was a fire down the hill from us, closer to Kam Highway," Waialua resident Jeff Dahn said.

The blaze did burn down a couple agriculture storage buildings and as many as 14 plots, mostly belonging to Laotian vegetable farmers.

About 100 acres had been charred and fire crews say it's 80 percent contained.

"We noticed the fire getting a lot closer, whipping around our side of the neighborhood and then we walked down to this street, it was pretty close, so we've been kind of monitoring that," Dahn said.

Dahns wife, Julianna said the fire had them concerned throughout the day.

"I said to my husband, I was glad my insurance policy was up to speed and up to date and paid for, having the fire a quarter mile from the house is a little nerve-racking," she said.

It was also nerve-wracking for families who remember this blaze.

In 2007, another arson fire spread up the mountains of Waialua, scorching 7,000 acres.

It took a week to put out, but this one won't take that much work.

But the criminal aspect is troubling to residents and fire crews, who'll be back in the morning to finish the job.

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