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Sparks flew at the gubernatorial debate between former mayor Mufi Hannemann and former congressman Neil Abercrombie. Hannemann believes that Abercrombie doesn't have the executive experience needed to run our state. While Abercrombie says Hannemann is always trying to pass off the blame. Both say they felt good about their performance. Watch for highlights and for our own discussion on the debate in Across the Aisle.

A gunman in Alaska shot and killed a Molokai man who was serving in the police department. 39 year old Matt Tokuoka was one of two officers killed on Saturday night near Juneau. Hear what his aunt on Molokai had to say about the tragedy.

It's never too early to plan for a holiday. Want to make barbecue for the Labor Day weekend? We'll get tips on how to make it properly from Chef Chai and his guest Fabrice Huet from the Four Seasons Lanai. Taste the results with us.

You've seen our moves. That's why our executive producer decided that we need a dancing lesson. Watch as we cross our two left feet with Dance Central.

It may be early in the week, but at least it's not Monday. It was rough yesterday. Today is going to be much better. I hope...

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