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A showdown breakdown of Hannemann vs. Abercrombie debate

Hannemann and Abercrombie debate Hannemann and Abercrombie debate
Mufi Hannemann Mufi Hannemann
Neil Abercrombie Neil Abercrombie
Dan Boylan Dan Boylan

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - All jabs aside, how did gubernatorial candidates Mufi Hannemann and Neil Abercrombie do in their bid to win over voters?

Hannemann and Abercrombie say their goal was to use the debate as a vehicle to drive their campaign message across to the public, and both say they're confident they got the job done.

"We feel great.  We were able to make a strong case tonight," said Hannemann.

"We got our message out there of change and I think they're going to go with us," said Abercrombie.

"They're both Democrats and they agree with each other on most things," said political analyst, Dan Boylan.

Despite their common ideology, their resumes divide them.

Abercrombie tried to prove his legislative experience is enough.

"Neil can be very intelligent in the way he assesses," said Boylan.

"Neil Abercrombie is a respected public official but for this particular job it's a different kind of job. It's a management job it's an executive job," said Hannemann.

Meanwhile, Hannemann spent time on defense over a controversial campaign flier for which he's already apologized.

"Mufi has been hobbled by that flier. Questions come back to that flier and he has to defend, and that's a hard thing to do because you're sort of saying, turning on your own campaign people," said Boylan.

"I think people want to hear a positive message and I think that's what is pushing us along in the polls right now," said Abercrombie.

The latest Hawaii News Now-Star Advertiser poll gave Abercrombie a five point lead over Hannemann - a statistical tie accounting for the margin of error, which means showdowns like this are critical less than three weeks before the primary.

Both candidates say they wish they had more time to flesh out issues. Abercrombie says he wanted to focus more on education. Hannemann says he would've liked a more in-depth discussion about Abercrombie's record.

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