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Movie Review: THE OTHER GUYS

If you're looking for a good laugh at the movies this weekend, try "The Other Guys," starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg which is simply the funniest movie I've seen this summer. "The Other Guys" spoofs the many action films about cop partners who catch all the bad guys. But this pair of would-be heroes--the other guys-- are a nerd and a hot-head who just can't stand each other. And Ferrell and Wahlberg really no how to deliver the laughs.

One of the best running gags is that Ferrell's character is irresistible to sexy women but is oblivious to that fact. His partner Wahlberg just can't believe he's married to bombshell, Eva Mendez. "Who are you?" he says to her. "I'm his wife," she replies as Ferrell mutters something about her being his ball and chain. Then Walhberg says, "C'mon, seriously, who is that?"

Both these bungling cops have hilarious back stories. Ferrell was a pimp in college, and the hair trigger Walhberg accidentally shot a celebrity in the leg.

One of my favorite scenes is when a fireball explodes in front of them, knocking them to the ground. Ferrell is screaming about how he needs an MRI. " How do they walk away in movies without flinching when it explodes behind them?" he raves. "There's no way. The movie industry is completely irresponsible for the way they portray explosions."

 For a very silly comedy, "The Other Guys" is awfully smart.


I can't recommend the movie called "Mao's Last Dancer" based on true story of a talented young Chinese dancer who defected to the U.S. in 1981. The dancing is excellent, but otherwise, the movie feels like well made TV fare, a standard issue biopic. And Hawaii's Amanda Schull is wasted in an underwritten part as the dancer's love interest.

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