Waipio fans cheer on the home team

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email

MILILANI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Inside Alonzo's at the Mililani Golf Club, the cheer meter was set on max.

Waipio's ten-zip whitewash of Texas had about 80 fans going nuts for what they were seeing on the big screen.

Charmaine Kimoto was one of them.

"It's really neat to know that these kids are our neighborhood kids," she said.

It was even closer to home plate for Tim Yee. Four of the players on the all-star squad played on his little league team.

"It's just unbelievable that they keep making it happen. They're a bunch of scrappy little kids," he said.

Waipio's league president Stephen Masuhara said this team has an "X" factor that goes beyond hits and runs.

"There's no attitudes on the team. They really pick each other up," he said. "They do what is necessary to help each other."

The fans came expecting a win. The shutout was a bonus and the springboard to one more game and one more get together.

"It's probably just an excuse for us to get together again tomorrow. We'll be here," Sanford Ujimori said.

The last time Alonzo's hosted a Little League World Series championship party was in 2008. That year the kids from Waipio won the title.

But nobody in the room was looking ahead to the game against Japan.

"That's our theory. Win today. We'll worry about tomorrow when we get there. We'll see what we bring," Yee said.

If you want in on the party get there early. Alonzo's is expecting another full house.

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