Solution to sewer smell in Kailua coming out

Louis Furtado
Louis Furtado
Nursery across the street from plant
Nursery across the street from plant

By Tim Sakahara - bio | email

KAILUA (HawaiiNewsNow) - The smell of change is in the air in Kailua and trust me that's a good thing because the smell coming from the Kailua Wastewater Treatment Plant now is tough to stomach.

"It smells like someone passed gas except passing gas goes away and that smell doesn't," said Bri McFarland, Parent Participation Nursery School Head Teacher.

"But there are some days all of the sudden there is a very ripe smell comes across," said Louis Furtado, who lives in the Aikahi Garden homes across the street from the plant.

"Too bad you can't smell through your TV you'd see what it's like. It smells like Madam Pele up the volcano or rotten eggs," said Kirk Caldwell, Acting Mayor of Honolulu.

That's why the city broke ground on an odor control project.  This after years of complaints from neighbors that the city was passing on improvements.  It took so long to come out because the city was testing various chemicals, but in the end decided to flush out nearly $12 million to upgrade the facilities.

So how do you get rid of the smell that is so awful?

"It's through burning and scrubbing the air, it's doing some flaring because you know its basically gas this is decomposing raw material," explained Caldwell.

The kids and teachers at the Parent Participation Nursery School couldn't be happier about the plans.  They're right across the street from the sewer plant.  They're a green school so no air conditioning and they spend a lot of time outside either planting a garden or playing on the jungle gym.

"They're young, they're developing so I'd really like to see them have fresh air to breathe," said McFarland.

People who live in the homes close to the plant are also pumped about the project.

"It's a step in the right direction," said Furtado.

The odor elimination system should be done in less than a year and a half and people are already counting down the days until it's done.

"We'll just keep hoping the wind blows in that direction in the meantime," laughed McFarland.

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