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Coming up on Sunrise this morning

It's Thursday morning Sunrisers!

Are we safe? Today, we take a closer look at the Hawaii State Hospital after a string of escapes. Some of the escapees are considered dangerous. This year, three have managed to get away from escorts while attending church or going to the mall. Last year, there were 8. Hear what officials have to say about these disturbing numbers.

Battling rail. Senior Senator Daniel Inouye wants Governor Lingle to approve the rail project. He says we could lose millions in federal funding if our state doesn't act quickly. What the governor had to say about the 5 billion dollar project.

Kid friendly issues are tackled today. From bullying and tattling to avoiding sexual abuse and kidnapping, we have a children's author who has some important lessons to share. Find out about the series which includes the title "I am a booger, treat me with respect."

Lei Chic is laying down for yoga. If you're athletic, then you need to target certain areas. We'll take you to a new yoga studio that designs workouts with fun top 40 music.

Did you know the weekend is tantalizingly close? Dan Cooke does and he'll bring you the weekend weather forecast.

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