Candidate Profile: Panos Prevedouros

son Endie
son Endie
daughter Lesna
daughter Lesna
fiancée Katie O'Donnell
fiancée Katie O'Donnell
Panos Prevedouros
Panos Prevedouros

By Tim Sakahara - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Panos Prevedouros is serious about becoming the next Honolulu Mayor and he sacrificed a lot including postponing his wedding twice to campaign.

Prevedouros' favorite activity is spending time with his family either at the beach or playground.  They've visited Petrie Park in East Oahu countless times.  The newest addition to the family is Endie, who just missed making an appearance on primary election night 2008 when Panos' fiancée Katie was due any minute.

"He's our primary election baby," said Prevedouros.

Nearly two years later Endie is a bouncing baby boy who loves his step sister.

"Her name is Lesna which is an anagram for Ansel. She's an 8 year old, goes to Liholiho Elementary and is a bundle of joy and very very active," said Prevedouros.

And his fiancée Katie, who was born and raised in Ewa Beach is quite patient, as they've postponed their wedding twice because of the campaigns.

"I think it might be very selfish of me to just say I need him for this day and we have to plan it for a year when I know I can put it off for another year," said Katie O'Donnell.

"We haven't had luck with politics and weddings," laughed Prevedouros.

Of course he's hoping to have more luck in his second run at mayor.  In 2008 he finished the mayor's race in third with 17 percent of the vote.  Now he's the only anti-rail candidate and if the 140,000 people who voted against rail voted for him he could win.

"Yeah well there is more than rail in the equation," said Prevedouros.

His motto is, elect an engineer not a politician.

"Civil engineer is the perfect fit, roads, congestion, sewers, sidewalks, ambulance and police service, trash pickup, all of them are in the kuliana of the engineer not of the lawyer," said Prevedouros.

He says over half of the engineers working for the city the past 20 years were his students.

"I would love to be not their boss, but their sensei. Someone who works with them to do good for the city," said Prevedouros.

And he wrote the book on transportation engineering and planning.

"We have a very successful book out there that is taught from India to Russia and everywhere in between including the United States," said Prevedouros.

And sometimes it's tough to turn off the engineering brain even when playing with the kids.

"Let's go do some engineering investigation of the rust," he told his son Endie as they inspected the rusted sections of the playground. "Look how bad this is."

And as smart as he is sometimes it's the simple questions that trip him up like how long he's known Katie.

"It's been almost three full years now, no over three years what am I talking about!"

"Panos!" laughed O'Donnell in the background.

"June 22, is our anniversary!" laughs Prevedouros.

As for that wedding he says it will happen maybe even at Honolulu Hale if he's elected.

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