Inouye says Hawaii not a place for mudslinging

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Seasoned campaign veteran Daniel Inouye sends a message: "not in Hawaii, please!" The senior senator says this is no place for mudslinging and character assassinations.

Inouye urges other candidates to tone down the harsh political rhetoric. He's watched bitterly-fought races in other states and says Hawaii has had the cleanest campaign season in the country so far. But, he's discouraged by the recent sparring between some camps which he calls "mean-spirited".

"Some of the words that have been used, some of the papers that have been published, I don't think embodies the aloha spirit," said Inouye.

Inouye commented specifically about the gubernatorial race saying both the Abercrombie and Hannemann campaigns have walked a fine line between fair and foul. He hasn't approached the candidates individually about the negative campaigning and hasn't received any comments from them in response.

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