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Peter Carlisle
Peter Carlisle
Judy Carlisle
Judy Carlisle
Susan Murata
Susan Murata

By Stephanie Lum - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Early in the morning, Peter Carlisle invited us into his East Oahu home. His daughter Aspen, a law student at the University of Kentucky greeted us with the family cat and along with his wife Judy, we put on our shoes for a hike right in their backyard.

"It clears the mind and by the time you get back, you feel a whole lot better," said Carlisle.

Kalaunui Ridge Trail is a medium level hike but never mind walking, the 58-year old candidate for Mayor prefers running the rocky terrain.

"I know the dangerous turns so I am more careful like anything else, experience helps."

As the City prosecutor for 14 years, Carlisle says he has the experience to be the next mayor.

"I'm the second highest elected official in the state and the first is the Mayor plus we deal with similar issues such as homelessness and crime."

Carlisle prosecuted high profile cases, brought justice to victims and brought down the number of reported crimes in Honolulu during his tenure.

Most recognize him for his crime-fighting career.

"He did such a good job as a prosecuting attorney we really enjoyed watching you and doing what you did," said hiker Susan Murata.

"We would get Christmas gifts from the victims' families and that was really something," said Carlisle's daughter Apsen. "It would happen every year."

Now, Carlisle's sights are set on managing the city of Honolulu.

"There are so many things I like best about Honolulu. What's been the most important for me is this where I've raised my family. I'd like to be able to change things on a big scale. We can no longer afford government that we can't afford so my first priority if elected mayor is get the financial house of the city in order."

A staunch supporter of rail, Carlisle was endorsed by the Carpenter's Union and the Building Industry Association just to name a few.

"Right now we got a golden opportunity to make transit a whole lot easier to renovate and have a renaissance in Honolulu."

His wife Judy has been by his side in past elections where he has always emerged victorious.

"It'll be interesting but it's going to be a big change for him because as the mayor you can't please everyone. You're lucky if you please 50% of the people most of the time. That'll be a big change," said Judy Carlisle.

It will be tough but Carlisle always finds a way to balance work and play. When the going gets tough, he escapes to the outdoors and the beaches of Waikiki to surf the waves and re-energize for the challenges that lie ahead.

"In the water you forget about everything except you the ocean and the wave," said Carlisle.

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