Vehicle involved in hit-and-run crash located

KAHALA (HawaiiNewsNow) - For the third time in two days, Honolulu police have opened a felony hit-and-run crash investigation. The latest involved critical injuries and happened at Kahala Mall just before 6:00 PM Sunday.

Sources have told us that 60-year-old Charlene Alipio saw her car being broken into by two males, and the suspects hit her with the vehicle as they fled the scene.

Sources say her story matches the mall's surveillance video. Police were searching for her car, a blue 1992 Honda Accord four-door sedan, license plate EPT-627.  It was located about 9:45 Monday evening on Pueo Street near Kahala Mall.

Three women and a man who were in the area rushed to help the victim, who was on the ground bleeding from her head.

"I ran to my car, grabbed my first-aid kit, came back, but (the women) had it under control. They had pads of their own, paper towels, and they put it underneath her head," Chaz Umamoto, who assisted the victim, said. "While they were trying to keep her calm, I was holding the compression pad underneath her to keep the bleeding from going."

Police say the Alipio became unresponsive and went to the hospital in critical condition.

"Stop, render aid. Even if there are other factors that you think you're going to get in trouble for, it will not be anywhere near the trouble that you'll get in for leaving the scene," Lt. David Nilsen, Honolulu Police Department, said.

Fleeing the scene of a crash involving serious or substantial bodily injuries is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

If you have any information about the driver, call HPD's Traffic Division at 529-3499.

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