Website making public the salaries of Hawaii state employees

Mandy Cruz
Mandy Cruz

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - With the bulk of the state's general fund monies being used for payroll purposes, a local news website has recently made public a list of most state employees and how much they make. Honolulu civil beat says it filed a freedom of information request for the list, which displays the salary range for more than 14,000 employees from custodians to department heads.

The site says it made the request because of the importance for state employees to know that they are being paid fairly, compared with their colleagues.

"In most cases in certain operations it's like those are considered confidential items, confidential information that even within a company that you are working in, I don't think you can just find out what your fellow employees are making" said Mandy Cruz of Makiki.

"But that's unfair.  It shouldn't even be posted up there.  It should be where they should only know, not other people' said Rita Narvaez of Honolulu.

The list does not include employees from the Department of Education, UH, Hawaii Health Systems Corporation, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, the judiciary or the legislature.

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