Sick whale flown to Hilo is extremely rare species

HILO, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) – It turns out the whale that tried to beach itself off Maui earlier this week is an extremely rare species. Experts have determined that it's a Blainville's beaked whale.

This species is so rare there isn't even a count of them in the wild, because they live far offshore in very deep water. The female whale is now at a facility in Hilo.

Scientists there have been running blood tests and found some abnormalities with her kidneys so they're treating her with antibiotics. The whale has been on a squid milkshake diet, but she's starting to eat whole squids.

"These whales they don't have teeth, but they suck the squid from the water column and we have observed her doing that with these whole squid that we have been offering her. Now she's treating them a lot more like a toy right now, than food, but she does seem interested" said Dr. Jennifer Turner of the Hawaii Cetacean Rehabilitation Facility in Hilo.

Officials at the facility have been getting questions on how to volunteer or donate money. You can donate by visiting

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Sick whale flown from Maui to Hilo

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