Wednesday afternoon update from Stephanie Lum

We're almost over the hump everyone! Let's get you caught up on the stories we're working on for this Wednesday.

A long-time Hawaii tradition could go up in smoke.

The city council is set for a final vote today on a controversial ban on consumer fireworks. There are a couple of versions. One would allow firecrackers only for special occasions like sporting events or theatrical productions with a permit.

Tune in tonight for an update on this vote on Hawaii News Now.

Egg recall dramatically expands

Make sure you check your refrigerator. Health officials have issued a recall for eggs by one of the biggest egg producers in the country because of possible salmonella contamination. The recall is said to involve millions of eggs. We'll have the latest details.

Hawaii Five-O ... Oh No!!!

One of the leading actors in the new CBS television series is injured while filming a stunt for the police drama. It's not a life-threatening injury but will it affect production? We'll recap what happened tonight.

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