Council defers vote on fireworks ban

Debbie Odo
Debbie Odo

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – The Honolulu city council's bid to ban all types of fireworks on Oahu fizzled Wednesday, but the issue isn't dead yet.

The council discussed the issue for almost three hours. More than 20 people testified.

Those who oppose the ban say fireworks are an important part of cultural and religious practices and firecrackers and other small devices should not be outlawed when it's illegal aerials that cause the majority of the problems.

People in favor of the proposed ban say fireworks start fires, injure children, and cause a mess on the ground and in the air.

"One person who is challenged with breathing is one too many. One who lands in an emergency room is one too many. And especially one death is one too many," American Lung Association, Debbie Odo said.

The council considered several different versions of a fireworks ban. One of them would allow permits to be sold so firecrackers could be used at religious and cultural events. But instead of voting on the issue the council delayed its decision until its next meeting September 22nd.

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