Rodney's Recovery

Rodney Bradley
Rodney Bradley
Coach Greg McMackin
Coach Greg McMackin

After missing six games in 2009 because of a broken leg and all of spring practice, Warrior receiver Rodney Bradley is showing signs in fall camp that his road to recovery is almost complete.

"It's just a freak accident that happened," said Bradley. "So you know just move on from it."

While defensive backs struggled to contain the Texas native, only a broken leg could stop rodney Bradley's success last season.

At the time of his injury, Bradley was one of the nations leading receivers (ranked 13th in nation 103.4 yds/gm).

But instead of wallowing in self pity Bradley let the doctors fix his leg and allowed his faith to heal his spirit.

"I really just started praying right away. I thank god for giving me understanding that things really do happen for a reason and  knowing that was a lot easier to deal with."

Almost a year later and Bradley has gone through a handful of surgery's and countless hours of rehabilitation. And while he still tightens up now and again, he says his body is treating him well.

"My body it's probably like 90%. I can push it it's just that i fatigue out a little faster thank i used to. Doing routes like this you know going back to back to back i havn't been doing that so i gotta get my body back to shape."

Hawaii head coach Greg McMackin says he's amazed at Rodney's recovery.

"It's great having him back he's a great athlete. The first couple of days he looked like his old self but you've got to remember that he hasn't played for 9 months."

Rusty or not...Rodney's expectations are to reek havoc on opposing secondary's yet again.

After all, it's all he's been able to think about...

"Watching it from the sidelines (last season) and you see something that you think you could have done better or helped out. There's a little extra behind it this year i want to have a good season and i want to help my team go far this year so there's a little extra backup this year and i'm pushing myself a little harder."