Chatting with Billy V: August 16, 2010

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -  In a showdown of the sexes, swarthy men defeated searching women at the box office over the weekend as Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables bested Julia Roberts' Eat Pray Love. Expendables pulled in $35 million and bested Eat Pray Love by more than $11 million. The buddy comedy The Other Guys dropped to third place.

Julia Roberts has admitted that it took weeks to decide whether she wanted to star in Eat Pray Love. Roberts says she had to give the decision some thought because the role required a lot of traveling and commitment on behalf of the cast and crew. "It's a lot of stuff. A lot more math goes into a decision like this than just, 'Do I want to drive to Sony [Studios] for three days a week for a couple of months?'"

Busy weekend:  Spent time with Hawaiian Airlines and an event called Hawaiianʻs Got Talent; to feature the talent within our well known transportation company.  They did everything from Hawaiian, to hula, to Broadway, Rock, Reggae and the Spoken Word.  Congratulations to overall winner Cameron Kranin and the rest of the Hawaiian Airlines Ohana for allowing me to share a wonderful evening with them as emcee.

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