Baseball mom who lost job, given her position back

Francine Gamil
Francine Gamil

By Tim Sakahara - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A day after we aired her story of sacrifice we've been getting calls about Francine Gamil.  All the buzz has led to a change of heart from her former employer.  Call it a late inning comeback because Bank of Hawaii did offer the proud parent her job back.

Sports can bring out many emotions and Francine Gamil has run through them all.  She went from the joy of victory watching her son's Ewa Beach team win the Bronco Division World Series title last Thursday, but the more the team succeeded the longer the trip became.  The teams winning led to the loss of Gamil's job at Bank of Hawaii when her supervisor gave her an ultimatum.

"She gave me two options, she told me either we'll see you back for work or you need to resign," said Francine Gamil, parent.

Gamil says she just couldn't leave her son and miss out on the experience.

"Once in a lifetime our boys did this. We're never going to get it back again and it's well worth it, but I still need a job, but I'm glad I made that decision, I do not regret it," said Gamil, as she wiped away the tears.

"I feel that she made the right decision because she feels comfortable with it and I do too," said Garrison Gamil, son and the team's second baseman.

Now Bank of Hawaii has had second thoughts.  The company Vice Chairman Shelley Thompson issued a statement saying, "We want to apologize to Francine. This was our mistake and should not have happened. It is completely understandable that as a mother, she would do whatever it takes to be with her son. This should have been a time of celebration for the family and if she is willing to return to her job at the bank, we would love to have her. Congratulations to the entire team on a job well done."

We tracked Gamil down at her other job (she was working two jobs to get by) and we gave her the news.

"I'm in shock because she was adamant about me resigning if I wasn't going to be back. I'm in shock," said Gamil.

As for if she'll accept the position back?

"I don't know I would like to hear from them. I did my best. I loved my job. I cannot answer you right now because I'm just in shock."

Gamil planned to go clean out her desk tomorrow.  Now she says she will sit down with her boss and hear the details straight from her.  Through it all she says she has no hard feelings with the bank or the managers, but she does wish they would have handled it differently.

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