Hawaii ideal for viewing Perseid meteor shower

Tim Rodenberger
Tim Rodenberger

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Your chances of seeing a shooting star are high as the Perseid meteor shower is beginning to peak Thursday night. A couple dozen people were at Halona blowhole late Thursday to try and catch a glimpse. It's good viewing area because it is very dark out here.

Right up the road at the Lanai Lookout, everyone came for one thing, to check out the meteor shower. The small crescent moon creates ideal conditions for viewing because the sky is relatively dark.

Some brought cameras, hoping to get images of the shower.

"a long exposure and just hope that something shows up. I don't know sometimes you can't see it. It goes by so fast I can't catch it but it might be on the film" said Heidi Miller of Kailua.

"I'm actually here because if it's really a meteor shower, it's going to make me wish a lot of wishes, because that is what I am here for" said Peggy McCarty of Niu Valley.

"The conditions were beautiful earlier, but some clouds came in… I think we saw one just shoot straight across the sky, but it just happened so quickly, I'm not sure" said Tim Rodenberger of Makiki.

There can be 50 or 60 or more lights streaking through the sky every hour. What we are seeing is actually dust and ice from a passing comet burning up in the atmosphere.

This meteor shower was supposed to begin at around 10:00 PM Thursday and peak at around 3:00 or 4:00 AM Friday Hawaii time. If you miss you'll get another chance Friday night and early Saturday morning.

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